About us


Believer’s Assembly was established by a group of committed Christians during the early 1990’s. The assembly hall was dedicated to God’s glory on December 2, 1995 by Br. P. P Abraham. God has richly blessed our congregation in the past several years and should His coming tarry, we hope He will continue to bring forth bountiful fruit to our midst in future.

A bit of History

Our church has had its humble beginnings in the pattern of the “Plymouth Brethren”, a group of Christians who gathered in Plymouth, UK during the 1800’s. Some of the early leaders such as, John Nelson Darby, George Mueller, Dr. Edward Cronin, John Bellett, Anthony Norris Groves, and Francis Hutchinson felt that the established Church had become too involved with the secular state and had abandoned many of the basic truths of Christianity. As the movement spread, a large group of adherents assembled in Plymouth by 1831 which is why Brethren are often called by that name.

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The Plymouth Brethren are unusual in refusing a denominational name; they do not generally refer to themselves as “Plymouth Brethren,” nor do they regard themselves as a denomination, citing I Corinthians 3:4, where Paul scolds believers for dividing themselves into groups. Thus there is no denominational headquarters, no single standard of affiliation or formal membership. Each local assembly is independent and autonomous, informally linked with other assemblies only by a common heritage and common emphasis on the primacy of the weekly Breaking of Bread service.